...and you? You’re looking for more than a florist. You want someone who will be in your corner from the moment you introduce yourself and long after the event day has ended. You appreciate an artist who will give gentle direction and give flowers a place to shine—second to you. You realize the value in investing in gorgeous, whimsical flowers for the most important moments in your life.

My heartbeat is crafting meaningful floral sculptures for the most important moments of your life...


it's nice to meet you



holly & anthony  PORTER

From her consistent and thorough design guidance, Hannah was able to pull off my dream wedding affair. The florals and decor were beyond anything we could have ever imagined. She took our vision, refined it, executed it, and then some! 

"Lemonwood Floral is beyond talented and was an honor to work with; everything was chic, timeless and gorgeous." 


chloe & josiah  POLAND

"Loosing my mom at 13, flowers used to make me sad; over time, I  fell in love with them again. For my wedding, I wanted them to symbolizethe true beauty of life. Seing myself in the mirror after the dress was on, I cried because of the flower crown — I saw myself the way my mom would see me, the way my friends and family see me, the way Josiah sees me. I felt like a flower."

"Hannah helped make our day so incredibly special and we can't thank her enough for her talent and kind heart!"


danielle & collin FLAGG

I had a loose vision of what I wanted and  was very overwhelmed by all the other decisions I was making during the wedding planning process. She took my inspiration and produced exactly what I envisioned and then some! She was professional, super easy to communicate with, and just all around a delight. I’d recommend her to anybody!!

"From the second I had my initial meeting with her, I knew she was the designer for me."