When we first got married, my husband, Josh and I challenged ourselves to write down any dreams we had for ourselves individually and as a couple. We wrote them on large posters hanging in a spare apartment bedroom to serve as a constant reminder. Dreams that faded were crossed off the list- ones that continued to grow, stayed. 

One of my dreams? Becoming a florist. A dream that we both had? Buying a house. Those ideas were the only two things that over the course of many months never altered, diminished, or felt too out of reach. 

Before the end of our first year of marriage, we took a big leap of faith and bought our first home on a street called Lemonwood. It was in this house where we continued to dream; room by room we worked together to make this house our home. 

It was in this same house we dreamed of my own floral business, what it would be like and what lasting impact I wanted to have on clients beyond just flowers. That’s when it dawned on us both. We wanted to give other people the ability to dream big too; to be inspired by their own passions, to realize that nothing is too far out of reach. Therefore, we felt it was only fitting to name my flower business after a place where both of our early dreams came true and continue to grow. Now, onto the next dream…

where FLOWERS gather DREAMERS... 

immediately fell in love with the timeless, old-world style found within its art, architecture, and culture. After living in Europe briefly, something enchanted my soul; maybe it was the delicious cafés filled with distant laughter or the hidden alleys adorned with flower markets. I began to find myself pausing, noticing and admiring the  charm of it all- the softness of these moments captivated my heart, and this admiration is intricately woven throughout all my designs. 

Always an admirer of flowers, it wasn’t until I began dreaming and planning my own wedding that I learned my true love for them; to me, they are the most ornate medium I could possibly express myself through. I slowly began my flower journey, intentionally teaching myself not just to recognize beauty, but also how to allow the flora to guide and inspire my designs.

flower journey started before I even picked up a flower- it all started the minute I landed in Europe and 


alyssa & geordon PRIDE

I envisioned statement flowers at my wedding but was worried with my budget. Hannah's creativity utilized my investment and it was STUNNING. She took my vision and made it 1000000x better. She was so fun and kind to work, very organized, and handled set up/ tear down on her own, which was a huge help on my wedding day. She is truly talented and made my wedding day perfect!!

"I cannot recommend Lemonwood Floral enough! Hannah  and her team were simply the best."



I have the cutest pup in the world named Posie- she is mini golden retriever

I believe everyday is a perfect day to wear a dress; I used to own over 100 dresses at one point!


I adore traveling- every chance I get to explore someplace new is such a treat



Taylor Swift is on constant repeat at home & in the studio

The love of my life, Josh.





For as long as I can remember, my family has hosted large gatherings for most of the major holidays for both family and friends; each time, my mom went above and beyond to make them enchanting for each guest, creating beautiful spaces. 

My parents have always been a beautiful example of love, marriage and hospitality. When I was able to start entertaining myself, I grew passionate with creating intimate, precious spaces for my loved ones to gather and celebrate all of life's occasions.  Flowers eventually became my favorite medium to design with as I witnessed the reactions of so many who lit up with joy upon seeing my creations. It was the flowers that inspired, healed, and celebrated those closest to me, and it is their gift I continue to share with others. 

behind the florals